Three Common Eye Annoyances, And What You Can Do About Them

Odds are, you mainly head to the eye doctor when you're having trouble seeing. But there are other common eye problems that your doctor may be able to help you with. Eye Twitches A twitching eye can be annoying, although it's usually a benign condition. It can happen in one or both eyes, and may be short lived or last for a couple of months. There are a number of reasons why your eye may be twitching, ranging from fatigue, stress, dry eyes, or alcohol. Read More 

3 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Have A Dental Implant

If you have recently gotten a dental implant to replace a damaged or missing tooth, you are probably feeling great about the way that you look and the way that your implant can help with normal day-to-day activities, such as eating. If you want to continue enjoying your dental implant for many years, it's important to take good care of it. Luckily, dental implants aren't too difficult to take care of, and brushing them, seeing your dentist regularly and otherwise practicing good oral hygiene are the main things that you should worry about. Read More 

3 Unnecessary Worries Women With Small Breasts Have When Getting Mammograms

Mammograms are an important way for women to make sure that their breasts are healthy and that breast cancer is not developing. However, because mammograms require the breast tissue to be examined, women who do not have a lot of breast tissue have some worries about the procedure. Luckily, many of these worries are unnecessary. Here are three questions that women with small breasts might have about breast cancer. 1. Will a Mammogram Even Work for Me? Read More 

5 Signs That Your Child Is Having A Bad Reaction To A Vaccine

Vaccines are important to keep your child healthy, but unfortunately, some kids have bad reactions to standard vaccines. By noticing the problem immediately and doing something about it, you can help keep your child safe. If you notice any of these signs, it is imperative to take your little one to the pediatrician as soon as possible. Then, you can help prevent the reaction from becoming too serious. 1. Fever Read More 

What If It Takes More Than A Spoonful Of Sugar To Get The Medicine To Go Down?

Do you have trouble swallowing pills? Have you ever skipped a dose, or just buried the pill bottle in the back of the medicine drawer because you just can't choke them down? If so, you aren't alone. 40% of adults have trouble swallowing pills and 4% have even quit taking their medication because of the problem. Learn more about how to handle this frustrating situation. Don't Cut Or Crush Medication Unless Permitted Read More