Fight Chronic Back Pain The Natural Way

If your lower back flares in pain and you take pain medication almost daily, it's time to put the pills away and find another solution. If you take the time to explore alternative treatment options and pain relief options, you may be able to get rid of the pills for good. 

You'll want to consider meeting with a chiropractor, a massage therapist and an acupuncturist to see how these different specialists can help you naturally. They can all do different things to help relieve and treat your lower back pain.

Spinal Adjustment

The chiropractor can adjust the spinal cord and fix the alignment of the back to relieve pain and pressure that you're feeling. This can help fix a pinched nerve or other damage that is caused when bones are misaligned or pushed together. The chiropractor can help fix pain throughout the body by manipulating the spine. The chiropractor may want to take x-rays or have other images taken of the spine to determine the exact cause of pain.

Target Massage Therapy

The massage isn't just going to loosen up the muscles and relieve pain that you feel at the area of the injury, but the massage movements help improve the blood flow. Improved blood flow means oxygen rich cells can move through the area of injury, helping it heal more quickly. This will also help with soreness in other areas throughout your back that have been supporting the injured muscles. Contact a local provider, such as Health Atlast Fountain Valley, for further assistance.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a way to relieve pain from the muscles and tissues of the body by using pressure points. A licensed acupuncturist will administer small needles into the different pressure points to stop the pain sensors from getting the pain messages, providing you with relief. This has been used for centuries throughout the world and is a great holistic option.

You can use a combination of these three things to get some pain relief and to treat the back pain that is plaguing you throughout the day. You don't have to spend your days relying on pain medication to give you relief, and instead you can find out what is causing your pain and treat it naturally. Talk with a chiropractor and the other specialists necessary to get these different treatments to heal your chronic lower back pain, and ask if there is any other type of therapy you can try to avoid surgery or other medications.