Shock Wave Therapy Might Help Your Chronic Or Severe Heel Pain

Heel pain is an annoying condition that aggravates you with every step. This foot pain has a number of causes, but is often due to injury or overuse of the tendons or fascia in your foot. Heel pain can sometimes heal on its own with rest, but other times, medical treatments are necessary. Shock wave treatments might be helpful and they could be worth trying if you're facing surgery for your condition. Read More 

Custom Orthotics Help Salespeople With Fallen Arches

You've been working as a salesperson for years and you've achieved a level of success that keeps you very busy. However, you've recently experienced fallen arches on your feet and you aren't sure if you can stay active on them for much longer. Thankfully, custom orthotics can help here. Fallen Arches Can Impact Your Career As a salesperson, you are constantly on your feet and moving from place to place to make big deals. Read More 

Benefits Of The Body Contouring Procedure

If you have heard about other people getting body contouring, you might have thought about that as being something that you want to have done for yourself. This might be especially tempting if you have friends that have gone this route and you have been able to see how happy they are. If you are still not sure as to whether this is something that you want to have done, you will want to spend a little time checking out the following points. Read More 

N95 Masks and Fit Testing for the Medical Field

When you go into the medical field, especially when it comes to nursing, you will be asked to wear special types of protective equipment on occasion. This is true when it comes to situations where you may come into contact with airborne diseases, like tuberculosis. Airborne illnesses specifically require respiration N95 masks. They need to be fitted to you with the assistance of qualitative fit testing. Keep reading to learn why this is necessary and also how the fit testing will be completed. Read More 

Exercises And Stretches To Help Strengthen Your Ankles

Your ankles do a lot of work. They help to hold up your entire body, which is a lot of work. They also help move your body wherever you need to go. If your ankles are weak, it can make doing even the simplest of tasks, such as walking, difficult, or you could end up injuring yourself. Read on for exercises and stretches to strengthen your ankles. Stand On One Leg Read More