2 Important Things Your OB-GYN Needs You To Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but it can be full of physical and emotional surprises. Unfortunately, most women go to their friends and family for advice that may or may not be best for their and their unborn baby's health. If you are currently pregnant or are planning to become pregnant in the near future, seeking advice from your obstetrician is best. Here are a few things your doctor wants to tell you about your pregnancy. Read More 

3 Common Myths And Misconceptions About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids

If you suspect that you have hearing loss, or have been told that you keep your television or other audio devices too loud, then you may benefit from a hearing aid. Many people don't realize they have hearing loss until it becomes a severe burden or affects their favorite activities. Some have certain misconceptions about hearing aids and resist wearing them. You may even wonder if hearing aids make things better or worse. Read More 

Five Little-Known Tips For Treating Lice

If your child has come home from school and you've discovered lice (which happens), don't panic. There are plenty of ways to treat it that will help you get rid of the lice in no time. In the meantime, keep your child home from school so it doesn't spread further. While there are the basic treatments, such as lice shampoo and constant laundering of the bed sheets and pillow cases, you may not know some of these five little tips to help you further with the treatment: Read More 

Two Realistic Tips For Cutting Heart-Unhealthy Foods From Your Diet

When your doctor diagnoses you with heart disease, he or she will typically advise you to make changes to your diet, such as cutting out excess fat and sugar. Although it may be good for your heart, going cold turkey and giving up all of your favorite unhealthy foods can be difficult. Here are two tips to help you make the transition to a better diet. Make Homemade Versions of Your Favorites  Read More 

Understanding The Role Of Estrogen And Progesterone In The Body

If you have recently started to go through menopause, then you may have noticed certain bodily changes. These changes are likely to include weight gain, increased body odor, vaginal dryness, hair loss, and the development of hot flashes. These things are all common when menopause starts. Your may also have trouble sleeping. If some of the effects of menopause are bothersome to you, then you can speak with a doctor about certain age management treatments. Read More