3 Frequently Asked Questions About Using Stem Cell Therapy To Handle Knee Pain

The body is constantly making stem cells inside the bone marrow. Then, the cells get directed to parts of the body with injuries and illnesses. These cells haven't undergone any form of differentiation, and work by stimulating the body tissues to self-restore. One of the therapy applications that is gaining a lot of popularity is stem cell use to resolve knee pain from conditions like osteoarthritis. Here are three frequently asked questions about the procedure, its side effects, and recovery after the treatment.

What Does the Injection of the Cells Achieve?

Your knees have cartilage that covers the edges of the bones and enables them to glide easily over one another. When you have a condition like osteoarthritis, the cartilage gets damaged, and your knee bones experience more friction. The friction creates pain and inflammation. These are the reasons why people with chronic knee pain are always uncomfortable. The aim of stem cell therapy to the knees is to slow down and repair damage to the knees. It also decreases suffering. You could even delay or postpone surgery to replace the knee with the proper treatment.

What Is Involved in the Treatment?

Most people shy away from specific treatment alternatives because they sound complicated. Stem cell therapy is a three-step process that is very simple to handle. First, the doctor takes a small amount of blood from the arm. Secondly, they concentrate the stem cells in the lab, and finally, they inject the cells into the knee. The cells stimulate the tissue to regenerate, and as the cartilage increases in density, your pain subsides.

Does the Process Come with Side Effects?

You also have to consider the risks and side effects of the treatment before you go through with it. First, the treatment is completely non-invasive, and the people who undergo the procedure do not experience any adverse complications. Since the cells come from your body, there is little chance that you might reject them. You should, however, learn everything you need to know about the procedure before getting it. It would help if you also asked questions about recovery and what to do to avoid ruining your progress.

The treatment is a viable way to manage knee pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis. Please speak to your doctor about knee pain stem cell therapy and its benefits before deciding to go for it. They will guide you on the best way forward.