What Is A Stress Test? Why Do You Need One?

If your doctor suspects a heart issue, they may want you to do a stress test. You may also need one for occupational reasons. Stress tests make some heart problems more easily detectable. They don't take long, and you do them under the doctor's supervision. So the risk of something going wrong is minimal. If your doctor prescribes a stress test, here are some things to know.  Why Do a Stress Test? Read More 

How A Nutritionist Can Help You

If you're looking to make lifestyle changes, eat healthier, or just want professional advice on improving your diet, then a nutritionist could be the answer. But what exactly does a nutritionist do? Here's a breakdown of what a nutritionist does and how they can help you live healthier. What Is a Nutritionist? Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." A nutritionist is a professional who takes this advice to heart. Read More 

Intra-Lasik 101: FAQs For Prospective Patients

For many years, LASIK surgery has been the most preferable treatment to correct visual acuity. With thousands of successful procedures performed and a good reputation, LASIK surgery is definitely something a lot of people who have to wear glasses consider. However, if you visit an eye doctor about getting LASIK surgery, you may be surprised to learn there is now a more advanced option: intra-LASIK. Intra-LASIK involves using a laser to create a more evenly cut flap in the cornea during the surgery. Read More 

Diagnostic Radiology Positions: A Great Option For Veterans

Finding a new career after leaving the military is sometimes a challenging prospect for many people. The transition to civilian life isn't always smooth and may require a lot of careful change and adjustment in a person's routine. Thankfully, positions like diagnostic radiology jobs may be a simpler transition for many, particularly those who have experience in caring for others on the battlefield. Why This Job is Right for Veterans Read More