Choose Your Casket While You Can

The advantage of pre-planning your funeral is that you get to make choices that would otherwise be debated by your family. If you haven't communicated your preferences to your family, you may end up with an ornate solid wood casket instead of the eco-friendly model you prefer. When considering casket choices in your pre-planning, here is what you need to know about the various styles and where you can purchase them. Read More 

How To Talk To The Grieving Family At A Funeral Service

When getting ready to attend funeral services, many people feel anxious about the moment at which they'll stand in front of the grieving family and offer condolences. This interaction can often prove challenging, given that the family is in considerable grief and it can sometimes be hard to find the right words to say. While the exact approach you take depends on your relationship with the family, and even the age at which the deceased passed away, there are some helpful rules to follow. Read More 

Three Additional Benefits Of Massage Therapy That Are Worth Exploring

Booking an appointment with a massage therapist can work wonders for your muscle aches and overall stress. But seeing this healthcare professional also opens the door to a broad spectrum of other benefits. Whether you've never had a massage or are experienced with this form of bodywork but are looking for a change in the type of treatment you receive, ask your registered massage therapist about the results he or she has had in the following three areas, and then get your treatment tailored accordingly. Read More 

3 Unnecessary Worries Women With Small Breasts Have When Getting Mammograms

Mammograms are an important way for women to make sure that their breasts are healthy and that breast cancer is not developing. However, because mammograms require the breast tissue to be examined, women who do not have a lot of breast tissue have some worries about the procedure. Luckily, many of these worries are unnecessary. Here are three questions that women with small breasts might have about breast cancer. 1. Will a Mammogram Even Work for Me? Read More 

Four Ways Your Self-Diagnosis Could Be Wrong: Why It’s Worth A Visit To Urgent Care

With all the information available on the Internet today, it's easy to go online and think you've figured out what's wrong when you're not feeling well. But there's a reason doctors spend so much time and money going to med school. Here are four missed self-diagnoses that could prove fatal if left untreated--definitely worth a trip to urgent care! Arm Pain You've been running errands all afternoon, picked up your grandchild about a million times, and walked the dog. Read More