3 Reasons To See An ENT Doctor For Your Chronic Ear Infections

If you're struggling with chronic ear infections that never really clear up or quickly come back, an ENT physician can help. An ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor will work to identify the underlying causes so you'll receive the right treatment. Here are a few reasons to see an ear, nose, and throat physician for your reoccurring ear infections.

1. You'll Receive the Best Treatment Recommendations 

An ENT will conduct an examination to ensure they're recommending the best treatment regimen. The wrong treatment can be ineffective or even harmful and will do little to resolve your chronic ear infection. 

For example, if the structure of your ear makes you more prone to ear infections, you'll likely need to make lifestyle changes or consider surgery to prevent your ear infection from reoccurring. Or, it's possible you aren't taking the right antibiotic to treat the bacteria causing your bacterial ear infection.

Longlasting bacterial ear infections usually require stronger antibiotics and may even need IV antibiotics to make sure all the bacteria are killed. Your ENT will confirm that your treatment is suited to your needs. 

2. An ENT Can Help You Find the Underlying Cause of Your Infections

If you suffer from chronic ear infections, it's possible that there's an underlying reason for your persistent illness. An ENT can help you determine if your chronic ear infections are caused by allergies, a structural problem (such as a bulging ear dream), or something else entirely (such as another condition that increases your risk of experiencing an ear infection). 

Detecting the reasons for your persistent ear infections provides valuable info for your treatment and aids you with mitigating future infections. 

3. An ENT Can Help You Prevent Future Infections

Your ENT will offer counseling to aid you in decreasing your chance of future ear infections. You might need to take precautions when you swim or shower, it may be necessary for you to use a preventive ear drop that helps you keep your ears clean. 

Surgery may be needed to fix structural problems that are contributing to your persistent ear infections or to remove damaged ear tissue. 

When left untreated, chronic ear infections can have lasting consequences on your health. They can cause the structure of your ear to change, and they may interfere with your hearing. The middle ear bones that aid with your hearing can be permanently damaged, causing lasting consequences to your hearing. An untreated bacterial ear infection can even spread to other areas of your body.