Visiting The Dispensary As Someone With MS

Cannabis has been really helpful for many people with multiple sclerosis. Patients often find that it can help calm down any tremors they have. It may even help ease symptoms like overactive bladder and clumsiness. Once you have a medical card and can purchase medical cannabis, you will need to visit a dispensary to buy your medicine. Here are some tips for doing that as someone with MS.

Plan on talking to the budtenders.

The budtenders are the people behind the counter who act as cashiers but also give customers advice about cannabis and specific products. Since every case of MS is a bit different, it can be a good idea to talk to these budtenders about your particular symptoms and the products that will best manage them. Having this open conversation may turn you on to some products or strains that you may not have tried otherwise. Budtenders meet with a lot of people, and you're unlikely to be their first customer with MS. They can tell you what has worked for other customers with similar symptoms to your own.

Don't get too focused on high THC levels.

It's tempting to browse the dispensary's options and just choose the strain with the highest THC levels, figuring that this gives you the most bang for your buck. But THC is not the only compound in cannabis that is helpful for MS patients. CBD and CBN are also really good at modulating neurological symptoms. Most of the strains that are really high in CBD and CBN contain lower THC levels. This may mean you don't feel as "high" when smoking these strains, but that you also get more relief from your MS symptoms. 

Try a few different products.

When you do visit a dispensary, don't just buy one product. Buy small amounts of a few different products. Try each of them, and then take notes about how your symptoms are impacted. Maybe one strain really helps with your tremors, but another is better at relieving muscle tension. You might find that there's one strain you want to buy again and again, or you may find that there are a few strains you can rotate between, depending on the symptoms you're most worried about at that time.

Cannabis can be a life-changing therapy for those with multiple sclerosis. If you visit a dispensary, keep the advice above in mind to ensure you find the best products for you. 

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