Helpful Tips For Saving Money When Planning A Funeral

If you have been put in charge of planning a funeral and you are a little worried about what this will cost you, you will want to keep reading. This way, you might be able to find some helpful tips that you can use during the planning of the funeral to cut down on the bill.

Ask About A Payment Plan

More and more funeral homes are now accepting payment plans because of the understanding that there are a lot of people out there that are not able to pay for the funeral in full. Not everyone has a life insurance policy for when they pass away so that can leave the family strapped for cash to pay for everything. In most cases, the payment plan will be interest-free, but you might be asked to provide as much of a down payment that you can.

Go With A Cheaper Casket

Even the cheapest of caskets can still look very nice, especially if you adorn them with some flowers right before the viewings and service. Of course, there is a chance that the cheapest of caskets that the funeral home has for sale might still be a little more than you can afford. If that is the case, then you can opt to buy the casket elsewhere, such as through a wholesale manufacturer or through a private party. You will be responsible for getting the casket to the funeral home, which may require the use of a truck and a few friends or family members to help you.

Stick To A Single Viewing Day

The more viewing days you opt for, the more you have to pay for the room rental. Therefore, instead of having multiple viewing days, stick with one. If you would like to make sure that out of area friends and family have time to arrive for it, you can ask to push the viewing day out by a couple of days. You can also have a morning and evening viewing on the same day, as this will help those who work different shifts.

Make use of as many tips as you can and feel free to ask the funeral home director if he or she has any additional suggestions that you can use in order to make the funeral more affordable. Simply explain that you are not in a position to spend a lot of money and you do not want to have to owe the funeral home more than you have to.