Looking For A Personal Trainer? Why Yours Has Select Scheduling At Different Locations

When you are looking for a personal trainer, and you finally find one you like who really motivates you, the biggest problem you have is trying to schedule training. In fact, your trainer may only have certain days and times available at the gym you attend. This is frustrating, to be sure, but there are reasons why so many trainers have such strange schedules.

They Have Day Jobs

Not too many personal trainers do personal training full-time. That is because not many clients actually have time off during the day to turn personal training into a lucrative job. Ergo, your personal trainer probably has a day job working as something else, somewhere else.

They Work ALL Locations for a Gym Franchise

It is true; if the gym you attend is just one in a string of gyms all over the city, then your trainer is probably working for all of the gyms. He or she may work the upper east side gym as a personal trainer one day, and the midtown gym or lower west side gym the next. Gym owners hire trainers to cover personal training hours at all of the gyms they own, which is why you might want to consider driving to other gyms in the chain in order to get in more training sessions with your favorite trainer.

They Have Families, Too

You know the routine. You have to drive your daughter to gymnastics, ballet, or ice skating lessons on certain nights, and your son to sports practice or chess club on other days. The same holds true for personal trainers. Many of them have families, too. That means that they need to work hours that fit into their schedules, which in turn means that they have to take hours at different gym locations to make ends meet and be present for their families, too.

You Should Work Out On Your Own

If you do not want to drive to other gyms to get more personal training sessions with the same trainer, consider the fact that your trainer already gives you a lot of sound information. You can follow his/her instruction and do the exercises and reps he/she gave you. If you continue to follow the trainer's advice and exercises given, you are doing exactly what you would be doing if you met with the trainer five days a week or more for an exercise routine.

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