Are You Trying To Establish Yourself With A New Doctor?

Are you looking for a new primary care doctor? Perhaps you have recently moved to a new town. Or, it might be that you find yourself going in different directions getting yourself and your family members to visit multiple doctors. For example, your little ones might be going to a pediatrician for annual checkups during an illness. At the same time, you might be going to a gynecologist for things that have to do with feminine health. And, your husband might be going to a totally different doctor for his own medical needs. You might have decided that it's time to simplify your life by finding a family physician who can meet the medical needs of everybody in your family. If that's the case, here are some ideas that might help you to select a doctor.

You're Not Just Selecting A Doctor -

As you look for a new doctor, remember that he or she will not be the only one you'll be seeing when you and your family members go in for a check-up or when one of you is ill. Of course, it's very important for you to feel comfortable with the doctor you choose but think beyond him or her.

  • For example, are the workers in the front office friendly and helpful?
  • Does the doctor's nurse show self-confidence and professionalism?
  • Are you impressed with the physician's assistant you might see sometimes?
  • Is the waiting room kid-friendly, with toys and books that will keep them entertained while waiting?

How Things Are Handled In The Physician's Office -

Find out other things that will help you to determine which family physician you will select. Of course, your physical health is the main reason for choosing a competent doctor. However, think of other aspects of your visit to the doctor.

  • Find out how soon you'll get a call back when you leave a message.
  • Determine how insurance is billed for each visit.
  • Will you have to take care of financial matters at the time of each visit?
  • How is billing handled when you have a remaining balance?

Of course, you have probably already thought of talking to friends and family members about which family physician their family uses. But, don't hesitate to talk to your children's pediatrician, your own gynecologist, and your husband's doctor to get referrals too. Just explain that you are wanting one doctor for the entire family and the doctors will more than likely totally understand your purpose in finding a single doctor to fit your family's medical needs.