Five Little-Known Tips For Treating Lice

If your child has come home from school and you've discovered lice (which happens), don't panic. There are plenty of ways to treat it that will help you get rid of the lice in no time. In the meantime, keep your child home from school so it doesn't spread further. While there are the basic treatments, such as lice shampoo and constant laundering of the bed sheets and pillow cases, you may not know some of these five little tips to help you further with the treatment:

  1. Don't Use a Blow Dryer: To ensure that the pesticide in the shampoo is effective, you should not use a blow dryer. This can dry it out quickly, so be sure that your child is letting their hair air dry. Your child should also not go swimming at all until the lice is treated since the chemicals in the pool can kill the pesticide in the hair, as well. 
  2. Don't Assume Water is Killing Them: Over showering or soaking in the bath is not going to resolve the problem. Too often, people think this and then don't take on further treatment until they realize it has not been working. This is because lice can hold their breath for up to a whole day.
  3. Early Detection is Key: If you know there has been a lice breakout at school, then you need to know that early detection is key. You will want to spot check your child in the bath and then use a fine toothed comb to get rid of the small amount of lice that you find. The problem always starts out small before the lice start to lay eggs and multiply quickly. This way, your child will get rid of the problem before you even have to consider telling everyone your child has lice. 
  4. Remember, Lice Do Not Cause Health Problems: Lice are simply annoying, but they do not cause health problems, which can help you to more calmly treat the issue. Too often, people are fearful that the problem is going to cause other problems, which is not the case. So take treatment seriously, but also take your time with it and relax because it will go away. 
  5. Continue Combing for Two Weeks: Once you believe that the lice is gone, you should continue combing your hair with a lice comb for about two weeks. This way, you know for sure that the problem has completely disappeared. 

When you consider these five little known tips, treating your head lice is going to be easier and more effective. Talk to a company, like The Pink Combs, for more information.