Climbing Stairs For Your Health

If you want to live longer and be healthier, buy or rent a residence on an upper floor and take a job that is similarly located. While some people hate the thought of climbing stairs, even a few minutes of doing so each day can cut your health risk and keep you in shape. Don't look at stairs as a disadvantage. Embrace them as an opportunity.

Thirty Minutes

Medical professionals recommend that you get at least thirty minutes of exercise each day. When you are living a busy life, even a half an hour can seem impossible to fit into your schedule. If you take the stairs at home and at work, you can easily get a third of that exercise amount during your day without doing any other activity. Climbing the stairs may be the easiest way to exercise available to you.

Live Longer

Moderate stair climbing can significantly cut your chance of early mortality. In fact, climbing just eight flights each day can lower the chance of your dying early by 33%. That's a huge benefit for a relatively easy task. In addition, you'll lower your chance of a heart attack as much as 50% over ten years if you climb stairs for seven minutes each day. When you are tempted to hop on the elevator, think about the benefits that you will be missing.

Other Benefits

If you dread that "middle-aged spread," you can fight it off by taking the stairs. You are more likely to maintain or even reduce your weight if you do. You will also be getting that weight-bearing exercise that is so important for maintaining bone and muscle health. If you are a woman working in an office, it's quite important that you get this type of exercise in order to avoid osteoporosis. In fact, sitting for long periods daily is quite detrimental to anyone's health. Hopping up and walking a flight or two of steps can help counteract this problem.

Even taking a few flights of stairs each day can improve your health. You do not have to don special athletic wear or go to the gym. You can also take a few flights throughout your day and still get the benefits of this exercise. This method is one of the easiest ways to lower your blood pressure, improve bone density, and lose weight all without adding much stress to your day. Try taking the elevator only when you need to go more than four floors and see just how much exercise you can get each day.

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