Female Skin Issues Your Dermatologist Can Help You With

Being female can be rough on your skin, what with all the hormones fluctuating in your body and the many types of chemicals that go on your body in the form of lotions, cosmetics, and even perfumes. Here are a few female skin issues your dermatologist can help you with so you always feel your best.

Nagging bumps on your chin area

Have you noticed a nagging, bumpy, sometimes itchy and peeling rash on your chin or around your mouth lately? It may not be a simple allergic reaction or influx of acne, it may be a more complicated condition that can take a long time to get rid of. The condition is called perioral dermatitis, and is one of the most common skin ailments for young women. While doctors don't know exactly what causes it, it appears to be largely hormone-related, and you may not have noticed it until you changed or started birth control, got pregnant, or went through a change in your menstrual cycle.

Treatment includes halting use of all steroid creams and even cosmetics, and your dermatologist can help by prescribing a special ointment to use that can help reduce your symptoms. You can clear up entirely or keep the condition under control with several treatments.

Razor burn in tender areas

If you prefer to shave your underarms, groin area, and upper legs, you may notice this sensitive skin becoming prone to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and other irritations. Picking at your ingrown hairs or rash can cause painful infections or boils, making your condition worse. If you have sensitivity in these tender areas, your dermatologist can help in many ways. They can prescribe you an astringent to help clear your skin for shaving so you can encounter less resistance from your razor. They can also recommend laser hair removal treatments to eliminate the hairs that twist and curl into your skin.

Using a fresh razor every time you shave and using an exfoliating cream can also help reduce your symptoms at home. When you do shave, shave with the grain of your hair rather than against it to avoid tearing your tender skin.

Whether you suffer from recurring facial rashes or bumps or you have issues when shaving, don't hesitate to let your dermatologist help you with your problems. Since many women suffer from hormonal or cosmetic skin problems, there is a great chance they have treated similar issues in other patients and can give you the relief you need. For more information, contact professionals like Advanced Dermatology Care.