Medical Equipment You Will Need For Adequate Elderly Care At Home

Whether you are transitioning an elderly parent into your home from their own or bringing home an elderly relative from a nursing home, you are definitely taking on a big responsibility. If your elderly relative has mobility issues, it can leave you in charge of helping them take care of even the most basic tasks. However, you can make your life a lot easier as a caregiver of you have the necessary tools and equipment at home. Before you bring home your elderly relative, there are a few pieces of medical equipment that you should try to have around. 

1. Shower Chair - A shower chair sets up inside of your existing bath tub or shower to allow an elderly individual a place to sit while they bathe. It can be difficult for them to stand for long periods of time inside a regular shower and maintain their balance, but a shower chair makes the process much easier. The legs of the shower chair are height adjustable as well so getting situated on the chair is not a problem.

2. Adult Potty Chair - It is not uncommon for an elderly individual to have to make frequent trips to the restroom, which can mean a lot of trips to help for you as a caregiver. A potty chair can be set up anywhere in your home to make it easier for the individual to get to the potty quickly--especially at night when you are asleep or may not be immediately available to help.

3. Medical Bed - Even though a medical-grade bed is often peered as an unnecessary expense for an elderly individual, they can be incredibly helpful. The bed raises and lowers to make getting into and out of the bed easy for someone who has mobility problems. Plus, the bed's incline is fully adjustable, making it easy for the individual to find a comfortable sleeping position. Additionally, the mattress is covered with a medical-grade vinyl that is waterproof and easy to keep clean.

4. Walker - A walker is a good idea to have on hand even if your elderly relative does not currently use one all the time. If your home is larger than what they are used to, a walker gives them something they can use for stability as they move around the house and can easily be tucked away in a closet or corner when not in use.