Understanding How To Incorporate Healthy Natural Gynecology Into Your Care Routine

There has been a trend in recent years toward incorporating natural or holistic medicine practices into a person's healthcare, both preventive and to treat health problems that may arise. This is also true in gynecology and women's health care. If you are interested in incorporating natural gynecology into your health routine, get to know some of the ways that you can do so without jeopardizing your health and without completely removing your gynecologist from your care routine.

Consider Different Menstruation Products

Among the many health concerns that women have, one of the biggest issues has to do with their menstrual cycle. Quite a few women find the products that they use every month to be uncomfortable and may suffer from regular yeast infections or other infections like bacterial vaginosis.

Part of this problem has to do with the hormones associated with menstruation, but the risk of infection can be higher with irritating products like standard tampons or sanitary napkins. To make your gynecological care more natural when you are menstruating, you can consider alternative products. Many tampons and sanitary napkins contain bleach to make them white as well as other chemicals that could cause health problems.

Alternatives to these options include all-natural, organic versions of the familiar sanitary napkins and tampons, reusable silicone menstrual cups, and even all-natural seas sponges. There are also cloth inserts that you can use in place of sanitary napkins that can be washed and reused. All of these options are also far more environmentally-friendly than the traditional options.

Natural Infection Prevention and Treatment

Another issue that many women have is the cost and potential side effects of medical interventions for frequent yeast infections or bacterial infections due to problems with their vaginal pH balance. Some bacterial infections are becoming resistant to antibiotics and can be difficult to treat for you and your gynecologist if you contract such strains.

However, there are natural ways that you can try to treat and prevent these infections if you begin to use these methods in a preventive form or as soon as symptoms arise. Some of these include eating yogurt with active cultures and probiotics. This helps to maintain proper gynecological balance and will help your body to maintain "good bacteria".

When you take antibiotics, on the other hand, all bacteria are destroyed, and you run a high risk of developing yeast infections as a result. Garlic is also a natural treatment for infections, including bacterial infections, and can be consumed in food or as a supplement. Some women may also turn to goldenseal as a treatment for infections and the associated discomfort.

However, if you develop an infection, particularly if you show signs of a urinary tract infection, it is still best to treat the infection under the care and supervision of your gynecologist so that you do not have any complications and so that you do not also run the risk of developing a kidney infection due to improper treatment.

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