Say “Bye Bye” To Back Pain During The Workday With These Steps

If you're among the 50 percent of working Americans who suffers from back pain, you don't have to resign yourself to feeling crummy during the workday. Instead of taking sick leave or getting a prescription for pain medication, there are a handful of ways that you can find relief for the discomfort that can make your workday arduous. Some methods are simple to accomplish on your own, while others might need the help of someone in the human resources department. Either way, it's time to commit to finding relief and being free of pain while at work. Here's how.

Upgrade Your Chair

While you'll likely need to get the approval of your manager or someone in the HR department, upgrading your chair is important if you've been sitting on something that hasn't done your back any favors. Old, broken and inexpensive chairs often aren't conducive to proper posture, which could mean that you're worsening your back pain every time you take a seat at work. While there's a virtually endless array of chair options, ensure that you get one with customizable lumbar support and adjustable armrests. These important elements allow you to adjust the back of the chair to hold your spine in a correct position and provide support for your arms to avoid straining your upper back, respectively.

Stand When You Can

Even with a suitable chair, it's never ideal to spend long stretches in the seated position. Find excuses to stand -- or, better yet, get up and move around -- throughout the workday. One simple rule to adopt is to make sure you stand up every hour. You don't have to let this healthy habit harm your productivity. Stand up while you're talking on the phone or grab a document you need to read and go stand next to a window. Walking back and forth for a short time as you stand can get your blood pumping a bit and stretch your muscles to avoid the soreness that comes with inactivity.

Make Changes To Reduce Stress

You already know that the workday and stress can have a hand-in-hand relationship, but the same can be said about stress and back pain. When you're suffering from stress, your body goes through changes such as muscle tightening that can cause back pain. One way to reduce workplace stress is to improve your productivity and time management, especially if you have to deal with frequent deadlines.

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