Three Tips For Making Self Application Of Epinephrine Easier During A Severe Allergic Reaction

If you're prone to getting a severe allergic reaction because of something you ate, touched, or even smelled, carrying one or more epinephrine auto-injectors is often necessary to mitigate the symptoms. But while an auto-injector is designed to work quickly once you place it on your thigh, it's easy to make mistakes when you're suffering from intense pain or delirium. To make the process of applying an epinephrine auto-injector to your thigh easier during a severe allergic reaction, utilize these three tips. 

Always Wear Pants With A Pocket Just For The Auto-injector

When the moment comes, distinguishing an auto-injector between other possessions you feel in your pocket could take precious seconds. And while putting an injector on an exterior compartment of your purse or backpack may seem like a good option, there's always the possibility of suffering from a reaction when you're separated from it.

Choose pants at the clothing store that have as many pockets as possible so that you can give an auto-injector its own pocket without compromising on space for other things. To ensure that you never forget the injector when you leave your home in the morning, pick one particular pocket for it on all your pairs of pants and stick with your choices. This will help to form an unconscious habit that's very difficult to forget.

Wipe The Auto-injector With A Dry Cloth If It's Gone Unused For Awhile

The older an auto-injector gets, the more likely it is that dust or gunk in your pockets will infiltrate its cap, making it harder to remove when you need it most. Therefore, unless you've only removed the injector from its package recently, take a few seconds to run a dry cloth over it every once in awhile. As long as you attack the buildup of debris before it gets really serious, you don't need anything fancy like water or soap.

Wear Pants With Relatively Thin Fabrics Whenever Possible

While the auto-injector's needle can still pierce even a very thick pair of jeans, you'll be required to put a lot more pressure on your thigh than you would otherwise. Since your allergic reaction could make it hard for you to even keep the auto-injector steady, it's better to prioritize wearing pants with relatively thin fabrics whenever possible. This is an especially good idea when you're planning on walking for a long time through a park or forest where there won't be a lot of people around to help you.