Three Salt Water Swishing Tips For The Days And Weeks After You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

The older you are, the longer and more difficult the wisdom tooth extraction recovery process will be. But since wisdom teeth can get so consistently painful that you have no real choice besides extraction, it's important to find ways to reduce the pain while you're recovering as much as possible. In the days and weeks after you get your wisdom teeth removed, remember these three salt water swishing tips.

Heat The Salt Water For A Few Seconds In Your Microwave Beforehand

Salt water reduces the pain from swelling and infections by reducing the amount of excess moisture that forms over your gums. While it'll still work if it's at room temperature, warm water will give you both faster and more effective results.

There's no need to put the salt water in the microwave for so long that it starts boiling. On the contrary, putting it in for more than five or ten seconds will just make the glass extremely difficult to handle.

Press Your Lips Against Your Front Teeth To Force The Water To Linger In The Back Of Your Mouth

You're not swishing around salt water for the benefit of your entire mouth. If the back parts of your mouth where your wisdom teeth once were aren't hurting, there isn't much reason to bother with it.

So don't swish the water around your mouth as if all areas of your gums were equally sore. Instead, press your lips against your front teeth to force all the water to linger in the back of your mouth. Every once in a while, you can swish normally again for a few seconds to ensure that the water doesn't get too stagnant.

Put More Salt In The Water If You Don't Feel Your Gums Tingling

More important than the exact amount of salt in your water glass is the feeling you get from your sore gums when the water makes contact. If you've been swishing salt water for a few days, and your gums stop tingling, it's time to put more salt in the water to increase the effect.

If you don't respond to how your gums feel, the salt water won't be nearly as good at reducing soreness as it could be. If you accidentally put a little too much salt in the glass and the taste lingers on your tongue after you're done swishing, you can always wash your mouth out with normal water and try again.

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