Five Questions About Prenatal Vitamin Water Answered

When you are pregnant, you are supposed to take daily prenatal vitamins and drink even more water than before you became pregnant. This is no easy task, given that most women would rather drink the same amount of water or less to avoid running to the bathroom throughout their pregnancies. Then there is morning sickness, which can come at any time of the day and anything can set it off, from the wrong food to a lot of stress. Getting enough water and trying to keep the vitamins down just got easier with prenatal vitamin water, but like most women, you probably have some questions and doubts. The answers are below.

Can I Drink Prenatal Vitamin Water in Place of Prenatal Vitamins?

The answer is, no, not in place of your prenatal vitamins. Most prenatal vitamin waters contain a vital prenatal nutrient, folic acid, which is necessary to your growing baby's health. However, you need the other vitamins and minerals found in prescribed prenatal vitamins too. You can consume as much of the prenatal vitamin water you want in addition to your daily prenatal vitamin, but unless your OB/GYN says you can make the water a complete substitute for the pills, do not stop taking the pills to drink the water only.

Will Prenatal Vitamin Water Make Me "Gassy"?

No, it will not. Prenatal vitamin water does not contain high concentrates of iron, a known mineral to cause gassiness and changes in your digestive tract. So if you consume a lot of prenatal vitamin water, the only possible discomfort you might feel is a really full bladder more often. (You would feel that way drinking just about any liquid anyway while you are pregnant.)

What Vitamins and Minerals Are in Prenatal Vitamin Water?

There are certain vitamins and minerals which are water-soluble. This means that they easily dissolve in water, like sugar and salt do. Most prenatal vitamin waters on the market have vitamin D (which is also added to most of the milk you buy), vitamin A (a derivative of carrots and fish), a couple of vitamins from the "B" family (usually B6 and B12) and niacin (which is also known as B3), magnesium, zinc, and biotin. Of course, all the prenatal vitamin waters tout folic acid, which is the singular most important vitamin for fighting neural tube birth defects early on in your pregnancy.

Is There a Carbonated Variety I Can Substitute for Soda Pop?

Yes, there absolutely is a carbonated line of prenatal vitamin waters. Not only can you use these as substitutes for very unhealthy soda pop, but you can drink the carbonated varieties when you are feeling nauseous or sick to your stomach too. The water is so much healthier for you and your growing baby that you may just make the switch entirely after you little one is born.