Get Your Toddler Tested for Vision Problems

If your child is getting ready for kindergarten and their teacher has some concerns about their behavior or academic progress, you should get their vision checked. A minor vision problem could be causing delays in their development, along with behavioral issues as well.

Nearly 10 percent of children that are between the ages of 2 to 5 years have some type of vision problem. You want to know if your child is one of the children suffering with this type of problem, and you want to get help right away. Look for the following signs that imply vision may be an issue.

Short Attention Span

Does your child refuse to sit in front of the television to watch a show or a movie, or do they have a hard time sitting down and listening to a story? Do they have a short attention span playing with specific toys, or do you feel like they run around instead of actually playing with toys? This could be because they can't can see the screen, book pages, or toys well, so they are bored and move on to something else.

Delays in Physical Milestones

If your child can't catch or kick a ball like other children their age,climb a ladder at the park, or has other physical concerns that make you think they lack coordination and skill, they could be off balanced because of their vision. They may not be able to judge depth, or they may have a problem viewing movement. This can affect their coordination, and it can also affect their self-esteem if they want to do activities with or like other children.

Struggles with Academic Progress

Does your child not recognize shapes or colors, or have a hard time creating patterns or recognizing letters? Maybe they can't see the different things clearly, so they have a hard time remembering what they look like. Your child may not be able to cut on a straight line with scissors because they can't see the line, or do other cognitive things.

Take your child to an ophthalmologist to have their vision tested, so you know if they have a vision problem that will need attention before they go to kindergarten. You don't want to wait until they struggle in school and with other things to find out they have a vision problem. Don't worry the eye exam will be quick and painless for your toddler. For more information, talk to a professional like Mid-America Vision Center.