What You Need To Know About Women And Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations are a very common elective surgery. Women opt for a breast augmentation for many different reasons. Many people do not understand why some women choose to get a breast augmentation. Here are two reasons for this elective surgery.

1. Reconstructive Surgery

Studies show that the highest demographic of women who get breast augmentations are between the ages of 30-39. Many people mistakenly think that the reason women elect for this surgery is because they want extra large breasts. This is just not the case. The majority of women who elect for the surgery generally have had multiple pregnancies. Women who have had a baby, and/or have breast fed a baby might experience a decrease in their breast size. In addition, the shape and fullness of the breast becomes distorted. Thus, they are not getting the surgery done to necessarily change the size of the breast to an unnatural size, but restore what was there before they had their pregnancies.

2. Correct A Medical Condition

Some women experience a condition called micromastia. This is when the breasts never grow. Even after they experience puberty they don't have a change in breast size. Essentially they have a chest size much like a young child, not a woman who has experienced puberty. For many women this can be very hard psychologically. This might cause them to have a distorted body image and low self-esteem.

For this reason, some women who get the surgery end up feeling much better about themselves after the surgery. They finally feel feminine and like their clothes fit better and they are more attractive.

A Note About The Age Of The Women

Some people mistakenly think that many girls are getting breast augmentation surgeries right out of high school. This is simply not the case. Board certified plastic surgeons have guidelines on the age of the women that they can perform these surgeries on. If the woman is opting for silicone breast implants, she must be at least 22 years old. This is because it is important that the breast tissue is completely developed before the surgery is performed. If the woman wants saline breast implants, she can get the surgery at 18, but not before that.

The purpose of restricting the age of the women is that the body needs to fully develop before they get the surgery. Thus, this is not a surgery that should not be performed on young high school students.