Flu Getting You Down? 4 Natural Ways To Help You Feel Better

Now that flu season is in full gear, chances are you're going to be under the weather at least once. It's a good idea to prepare for the flu before you come down with the first symptoms. Since flu shots don't provide 100% protection, you should get ready for some sick days.

Here are a few natural ways to fight flu symptoms:

Enjoy A Bowl Of Chicken Soup

You need to keep your strength up when you're sick, and chicken soup is the perfect food for that. The broth will keep you hydrated, and the seasonings help to relieve some of the symptoms of the flu. Even if you're not up to eating the chicken and vegetables that are in the soup, you can still enjoy the benefits of chicken soup by sipping on the broth.

Make Friends With Steam

As soon as the first flu symptoms show up, you need to make friends with steam. You don't have to have a humidifier to enjoy the benefits of steam. Simply put a pot of water on to boil. Once it's reached full boil, turn the stove off and move the pot of water to your kitchen table.

Sit down at the table and place a towel over your head so you can receive the full effects of the steam. For added benefit, place a few drops of eucalyptus oil, or a teaspoon of crushed mint leaves in the water. The steam will clear your sinuses and thin out the mucus that's in your lungs and throat.

Reach For The Salt Water

If you have a sore throat, you can find quick relief by gargling with salt water. The salt water will thin out the secretions in your throat and kill the germs that are making you sick. Place two teaspoons of salt in an 8 ounce cup of warm water and mix with a spoon until the salt is dissolved. Gargle with the salt water for several seconds and spit the solution out. Repeat until all the salt water has been used. Be sure to gargle three times a day until you're well.

Bring On The Compresses

Do you feel a sinus headache coming on? If your sinuses are filling up and you feel the pressure building up behind your eyes, it's time to lay on the compresses. Soak your compresses in very warm water, wring them out and then place them over your nose and eyes. The heat will relieve the pressure and help to drain your sinuses. Apply the compresses several times a day to keep the sinus pressure under control.

As soon as you feel those first symptoms coming on, reach for these simple home remedies. They'll help you feel better while you recuperate. If your symptoms become severe, be sure to contact your doctor.

To learn more, contact a company like Family Medical Clinic with any questions or concerns you have.