Tips For Using Prescription Scar Treatment Gels Effectively

If you have a scar that you'd like to fade, using a prescription scar treatment gel is a great place to start. These gels do not work for every scar, but they are quite effective on most mild to moderate scars. They're more affordable and less invasive than many in-office scar treatments, which is why most doctors recommend trying one of them before you resort to other options. But how do you use a prescription scar gel most effectively? Here are a few tips.

Clean your skin first.

You never want to apply the scar treatment gel over any other sort of product, like a moisturizer or makeup. You don't even want to use a medicated wash that might deposit anything onto your skin. Instead, wash your skin with a gentle, non-medicated cleanser. Pat it dry, and then apply your scar treatment gel. This way, it will be better absorbed into your skin and can take action more effectively.

Stick to a schedule.

Remembering to apply the scar gel every day may be difficult, in some cases, but it is essential if you want the gel to be effective. Try setting an alarm to go off every day at the same time. After a week or two, you will get used to applying the scar gel at that time, and you may no longer need the alarm as a reminder.

Massage the scar as you apply the gel.

As you apply the gel to your skin, spend a few minutes massaging the area. This will help the scar treatment gel absorb into your skin faster. It will also speed up circulation to the area, which will help initiate the healing process. The oxygen and nutrients that are brought to the skin as you massage it will help the skin respond to the scar gel better.

Be patient.

Don't expect stellar results within a few days, or even within a few weeks. These gels can take a while to work. You may notice that your scar has faded after a few weeks, but it may also take a couple of months. Be patient, and don't give up. If you're tempted to quit because your scar treatment does not seem to be working, check with your doctor first. They can tell you whether you just need to be more patient, or whether there is a more effective treatment for you to try.

Prescription scar gels are most effective if you follow the tips above. Talk to your doctor or a gel supplier such as Avocet Polymer Technologies Inc. to learn more.