How Hormone Replacement Therapy Helps Women With High Levels Of Testosterone

The human body contains a large number of different hormones, each of which affects it in different ways. For example, testosterone produces a large number of masculine features that are common in many men. However, women with a higher than average amount of this hormone in their systems may struggle to feel normal and may need replacement therapy to help. 

High Testosterone Can Be Upsetting for Many Women

Every woman has some testosterone in their bodies but at much lower levels than men. However, some women may find themselves experiencing a higher level than normal before, during, and after menopause or at other times in their life. When this happens, they may find that their mood is more aggressive and that they start to experience some extra hair growth on their body.

In some cases, women may even start to notice that their breasts shrink and that their voice deepens if this problem is severe enough. Thankfully, there are many ways to reverse this problem and help balance out a woman's hormones. For example, various types of hormone therapy can produce a better balance between testosterone and estrogen and keep a woman healthy.

Ways Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help

Hormone replacement therapy uses a variety of different care options to help manage this problem. For example, some women can use an estrogen gel that slowly increases this hormone in their body while decreasing their testosterone. Other types of application methods include pills, patches, and creams. Although more fast-acting methods are available, a slower and consistent method is more consistent for high-testosterone cases.

This type of slow-paced therapy utilizes a high dose of estrogen that helps to offset the large amount of testosterone that may be produced in some female bodies. Often, this type of treatment is paired up with a care option that diagnoses and treats the core reason for a woman's increase in testosterone, such as various types of diseases and even cancers that may cause changes to her body.

Therapy of this type typically takes place over an extended period to ensure that an individual gets all of the benefits that they need from it. For example, they may receive hormones for a few years at a slow pace to decrease their testosterone levels and make them feel more balanced. The changes to the body and the mind can be dramatic, so it is often necessary to get counseling as well.

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