Your Skin Is Unique—And Needs Unique Medications

Nobody's skin is exactly alike. Some people tan easily while others burn instantly. Some people have constantly rosy cheeks while others never seem to blush. Some babies are much more prone to diaper rash than others, no matter what their parents do. So, if you're having an issue with your skin and the product you currently use is not working, it could be because your skin is unique to you. You will have better luck using a compounding pharmacy that offers dermatology compounds. Here is what a compounding pharmacy can do for your skin:

Combine Treatments

If your skin suffers from more than one ailment, you might be worried about having too many products to use. Too many chemicals could be harsh on your skin, not to mention the hassle of remembering the instructions for each medication or paying the price for each one. A compounding pharmacy will be able to combine some treatments for you. If you have had bad acne, you might be able to use one product for both the acne and the scarring from it, for example. This will not only be more convenient to use, but it can also be kinder to your skin.

Use More or Less of Certain Ingredients

Compounding pharmacies can also change up the ingredients in skin products to find the right balance for you. A certain product might have an ingredient that you're particularly sensitive to, but in a smaller amount, could be effective without irritating your skin. On the other hand, a product might not be working for you because there's not enough of a specific ingredient. A pharmacy can work with your personal dermatology compound to find the right combination and dosages of ingredients for your unique skin. 

Match Customer Preferences and Lifestyle

A compounding pharmacy can take your personal preferences and lifestyle into account. If you hate the feel of lotions or creams and prefer a gel, they can make your prescription into a gel instead. Some skin conditions might also be treatable with a pill that you swallow instead. If you are busy and prone to forgetting about your medication, you can work with the pharmacy to find a form of the medicine that will best work with your routine, such as a cream you apply right after a shower or right before you go to bed. It's unlikely that every medication can be formatted to your exact preferences because it will depend on the diagnosis, but the pharmacists may still be able to help you get closer to your ideal medication. 

If your skin medications aren't working for you, contact a compounding pharmacy near you to ask about dermatology compounds. That just might make the difference. Contact a compound pharmacy for more information.