Surgical Abortions Can Help Mothers Suffering From Ectopic Pregnancies

Getting pregnant should be an exciting time for lovers, but may become complex, painful, and even potentially deadly if an ectopic pregnancy occurs. In this situation, a surgical abortion is usually necessary as a way of saving the life of the mother.

Ectopic Pregnancies Are Very Dangerous

You and your partner have been trying a long time to get pregnant and it finally happened. However, something isn't right with it. You feel sick almost all of the time and feel a sharp pain as the baby develops. You are also bleeding often and have even fainted from the pain. The problem here may be fairly complex and involve an ectopic pregnancy.

This situation occurs when an egg gets fertilized in the Fallopian tubes instead of the uterus. While this is a rare problem, it does affect thousands of women every year. And when it does occur, you need to take steps to manage it as soon as possible or else you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself.

Time Is Of The Essence With These Problems

You cannot wait around for too long if you fear you have an ectopic pregnancy. A medical specialist will examine your Fallopian tubes to see if the child is developing here. If it is, they will step in and suggest a surgical type of abortion. The fetus is typically not developed enough for a medical abortion, meaning that you have to get a surgical type instead to save your life.

Your Options Will Vary

There are a few different surgical abortion types that you can consider when going through an ectopic pregnancy. These occur aspiration, which involves using a vacuum to abort the fetus. This option is probably the most common with ectopic pregnancies because the child won't be far along in its development. However, dilation and evacuation are also possible after 16 weeks.

This procedure involves removing the fetus with a curette and carefully removing any tissue associated with its development. In most cases of ectopic pregnancy, this method isn't necessary. That's because there is unlikely to be any uterus tissue. However, this tissue may still develop if the ectopic pregnancy was allowed to progress for too long.

Choosing a surgical abortion is never an easy step for a mother. However, it is imperative in an ectopic pregnancy. The child simply cannot develop in the Fallopian tubes and will threaten your life if it is allowed to progress. So talk to a doctor, such as at Aaron Women’s Center Houston, if you feel symptoms of this problem to learn more about your options and which is right for your specific health needs.