Three Tips To Recover From Lower Back Surgery

Most likely the reason for your lower back surgery in the first place was because of poor lifestyle choices, whether it was having improper posture, sleeping in the wrong position or limiting physical activity in your life. For this reason, it's important that you make subtle changes as you recover in order to recover properly and take advantage of the surgery you had. Here are three tips to help you:

  1. Sleep: First off, to recover from anything, you need to be sleeping, which promotes the body's natural healing process. However, this is challenging when it comes to recovering from lower back surgery since it likely has limited your ability to participate in much physical activity, thus making you less tired at night. On top of this, it's also challenging to get comfortable. To help avoid these issues, limit caffeine, avoid naps if you can, and don't use electronics about an hour before you normally go to bed. If you are still having trouble, continue communication with your doctor. Your doctor may want to prescribe medication to help you sleep so that you can recover. 
  2. Diet: Next, you need to focus on diet, which helps guide your body to proper recovery because you are getting all the right vitamins that your body needs. You also need to focus on drinking water. Water is extremely important for your body overall, especially your spine. The spine needs water, which is what stops chronic back pain. This is because the spine contains fluid in between the discs that help it move properly and adjust. 
  3. Walk: While most physical activity is going to be limited at this time, once you get the okay, you are definitely going to be able to walk. This is going to help keep muscle tone, which is important for preventing inflammation in the back. You also need this to burn some calories to prevent excess weight gain from being immobile during the recovery process. The other benefit of this is that it's going to help you sleep better at night because you are using energy. 

With these three tips, you are going to be able to recover better from any type of surgery, especially lower back surgery since these three tips help the spine and prevent chronic back pain that you may have been suffering from in the first place because of bad habits. These three tips are also going to help you with preventing future back problems because of bad habits that have not been corrected.