3 Common Myths And Misconceptions About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids

If you suspect that you have hearing loss, or have been told that you keep your television or other audio devices too loud, then you may benefit from a hearing aid. Many people don't realize they have hearing loss until it becomes a severe burden or affects their favorite activities. Some have certain misconceptions about hearing aids and resist wearing them. You may even wonder if hearing aids make things better or worse. Here are three examples of some of the most common misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids.

Myth #1: You will know if you have hearing loss

For most people, hearing loss comes on so gradually, often taking years, that they don't even notice it. Or you notice that you have some hearing loss, don't realize how severe it is or think it's no big deal. You may even try to adapt by lip reading in noisy situations and blame other people for mumbling. Though some loss of hearing, especially extremely high range sounds, is normal as you age, you should still hear well enough for speaking and watching television at normal levels.

Myth #2: You can fix hearing loss with surgery

Surgery can fix a limited number of types of hearing loss, but not the kinds of hearing loss most people suffer. Surgery may be an option if your hearing loss is caused by a buildup of bone in the inner ear or some other type of bone blockage. Surgery can also help if your hearing loss is caused by fluid or wax buildup. However, for gradual hearing loss, most people will benefit more from a hearing aid instead.

Myth #3: Hearing aids make sounds too loud or distorted

In the past, hearing aids simply amplified sounds and you would have to adjust them depending on the situation. For example, for soft speech, you would have to turn them up. However, this often increased background noise and many people thought this was worse to deal with than their hearing loss. Modern hearing aids work better to compensate for mixed and changing situations and have much better sound quality. Another thing about hearing aids, if you decide to get them, is that you must wear them as often as possible. This is because your brain has to "retrain" itself to hear properly again after years of adapting to hearing loss.

If you think you have hearing loss, then have your hearing checked right away. Hearing aids can greatly help restore you quality of life. Once you get your hearing aids properly adjusted, be sure to wear them as much as possible to get used to them and you will find that you will eventually hardly notice them.