Worried About How a Rehab Stay Will Impact Your Job? What Are Your Options?

If you've spent months or even years agonizing over the need to stop using opiates but are worried about the impact an extended absence from your job could have on your career, you may wonder whether you have any options other than stopping your opiate use cold turkey. However, with the variety of facilities and services available, including "executive rehab," it can be easier than ever before to find a facility that will allow you to continue doing the parts of your job you can't delegate or outsource while receiving intensive treatment and therapy. Read on to learn more about how executive rehab facilities work and what you'll be able to expect from this substance abuse treatment option.

How are executive rehab facilities different from other types of rehabs? 

Often, one of the goals of rehab is not only to provide therapy that can help the patient battle the urge to use but to isolate the patient from his or her peers who may contribute to this drug use as well. This can mean limiting phone and internet use or restricting visitors until you've been in recovery for a certain amount of time. Hanging around with other drug users as a newly sober person is one of the easiest ways to relapse, and one of the goals of rehabilitation is to break these bonds so that you'll be well-equipped to live a sober life even after you're no longer in inpatient treatment. 

However, executive rehab facilities are geared toward patients who have a legitimate need to remain connected to the outside world -- from small business owners who need to tackle a variety of urgent questions or emergencies to corporate executives who conduct business with individuals across the globe and must be available at odd hours. This phone and internet usage won't be monitored (as it often is in rehab) due to privacy concerns, although the rehab will still take steps to block access to online services that could compromise the recovery process, and may take away your personal cell phone.

What can you expect after arriving at an executive rehab? 

At first, your stay at an executive rehab will probably look much like your stay at any other type of rehab -- albeit sometimes with more comfortable and luxurious surroundings. First, you'll be subject to an intake interview and examination, where your vital signs and measurements are checked so the rehab personnel can assess your need for medical care. You'll also be interviewed about your drug use and what you're hoping to gain from recovery.

Then, you'll be shown to your room and the facilities you'll be able to use to conduct business. You may opt to get settled in before you focus on work or could need to make a few urgent phone calls right then. You'll be able to work with your therapist and the rehab management to devise a daily schedule that works for both business and recovery.

For more information about this treatment, talk to a rehab facility near you.